Why, hello there!

Evros was founded to love God, love people, and love the earth.
We want to be a visual reminder of God in your day-to-day, to help the community that we do life with, and to help steward the earth sustainably as best we can. Though this is a tiny and humble little beginning, we'll try our best to just be faithful with what we have and God will do what only He can do, creating a feast from our 5 tees and 2 dresses (get it?)...

Evros means 'range' in Greek. When Jesus said that He came "so that we can have life, and life in its fullest" (John 10:10), we believe one interpretation is that He meant the full range of everything it means to be alive; the full spectrum from the deepest raw and painful struggles to the most joyful celebrations. He uses every experience. Whether it's one that we spend our lives trying to forget or the ones that we don't even remember, the sum of all these grow us and guide us to be more like Love, more like Him.

Evros hopes to journey with you through these range of moments in your life—subtle enough as a quiet reminder, but beautiful enough to notice. We hope to be part of a community that grows together vulnerably, honestly, bravely, and authentically. 

We hope that our creativity, art, fashion, and faith intertwine in worship of our Creator. 

With lots of love,