Salt and Light of the Earth

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Love God.

Evros hopes to travel with you through your journey in seeking first the kingdom of God.

Through the tears of joy and the cries of pain. The intimacy of correction and the depth of grace. His love that both fills us and overflows out of us so that we can see clearer, understand deeper, and love truer.

"For I am with you." - Isaiah 41:10

Love people.

Vancouver, Canada is our home and it's part of our vision to help raise awareness about mental health and the ongoing opioid epidemic amongst us. God, break our hearts for what breaks yours.

20% of the profits from every piece sold is donated to help those dealing with addiction, mental illness, and homelessness in the Downtown Eastside.

Love the earth.

All of our stocked pieces are either cotton or recycled polyester, made ethically with fair wages, and audited extensively. The Redeemed collection is renewed vintage that is then hand-embroidered. It is our goal to reuse what already exists and to reduce waste where we can.

Our packaging and shipping is 100% compostable and each piece purchased plants 1 tree.

Let light shine out of darkness.

2 Corinthians 4:6